How Canopie Expedited Mental Health Care Delivery for Ouma Health's High-Risk Moms

Emily Watson
March 26, 2024
4 min read

Innovating maternal health is part of Ouma Health’s core mission. The Utah-based maternal telehealth platform is committed to overcoming access barriers through digital technologies that enable high-risk moms to get comprehensive support 24/7/365 from anytime on any device. They are focused on delivering convenient and clinically-effective personalized care to their expecting and postpartum moms by connecting them to specialized providers and resources.

Canopie is a digital platform focused on preventing maternal mental health—and intervening early for those in need of support.

In 2023, Ouma implemented Canopie’s self-guided digital intervention to evaluate whether it would be utilized by—and benefit—their patients.

Canopie eased clinical workflows for their maternal-fetal medicine providers and expedited their at-risk mom’s time-to-care, enhancing their patients’ experiences and outcomes. 

In this case study, you'll learn how Canopie helped Ouma Health achieve:

  • 100% clinically-significant reduction in depressive and anxiety symptoms of their at-risk patients, across demographics
  • 59% decrease in EPDS scores
  • 50%+ reduction in time to see patient improvement
  • 100% provider satisfaction
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