There's a high cost to doing nothing.

Maternal mental health conditions are the highest costing and most common maternal morbidity. Canopie has created an affordable, scalable, prevention-based approach to maternal mental health to improve outcomes while averting downstream costs.


Left untreated, maternal mental health conditions lead to poor mental and child health outcomes. How much are untreated maternal health conditions costing your company each year? Insert your total population number into the calculator below to find out.

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By preventatively reaching your perinatal population, Canopie can deliver an annual return on investment of

What is Canopie?

Canopie screens, triages, delivers virtual asynchronous care, and reports critical member and population health data back to you to better target care and calculate risks. We also provide scalable virtual support, including care coordination and virtual classes with a community element.

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Significant Mood Improvements Fast

80% of Canopie users reported a significant improvement in their mood in just 12 days.

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Engaging Onboarding that Works

>90% of Canopie users complete our extensive screening and onboarding process, which is designed to be approachable, engaging, and insightful.

Reach New Moms with Canopie Partnerships

30% of new moms on your plan can be reached through existing Canopie partnerships immediately.

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High Satisfaction Rate Among Moms

98% of Canopie users say they would recommend the program to a friend.

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Important Mental Health and High-Risk Insights

Canopie drives critical mental health and high-risk insights about your plan so you can deliver better care to new moms.

AAP STAR Center Resource

Approved as an American Academy of Pediatrics Star Center Resource in early 2022.

How we partner with you

Canopie partners with your existing maternal health programs to reinforce and extend care management and high-risk pregnancy support programs

Our proven engagement strategies require zero uptime from your team

Our flexible pricing model fits within any budget or scope

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Our research

Results from our initial randomized controlled trial indicate significant clinical improvement after only 2 weeks of engagement. 79.3% of participants with possible symptoms of depression had a clinically significant change in their mood.

Since then? We still see 80% of program completers experiencing a clinically significant improvement in mood.

100% reported a positive change in emotional health
98% said they would refer a friend to the program
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"I got the same benefit in 2 minutes from Canopie that I’d get after 30 minutes with a meditation app."
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