Co-Founder and CEO, Anne Wanlund, Shares Her Postpartum Experience that Inspired the Why and How of Canopie

Emily Watson
March 8, 2024
1 min read

Anne Wanlund, our CEO and co-founder, had the opportunity to sit down with Kelli Sheppard, host of the Maternal Health Innovation Podcast. She shared her personal challenges with postpartum depression, and how her experience inspires and informs Canopie’s unique approach.

They delve into the critical issue of maternal mental health and how digital tools like Canopie are transforming perinatal care by focusing on upstream prevention rather than downstream treatment.

In this episode, they discuss:
  • Why prevention as treatment is Canopie’s focus
  • The limitations of existing mental health screening tools in assessing accurate mental health risk
  • What the future of screening in maternal mental health could look like for more equitable health care delivery
  • The unique access-to-care barriers expecting and new moms face in mental health
  • The role that remote monitoring in maternal mental health can play to help close the provider-patient care gap
  • Why data transparency is a core principle of Canopie’s partnerships
  • How digital behavioral health can intersect with traditional behavioral health

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