Dear mama,

it's okay to not feel okay.

Clinically-effective, personalized programs to soothe anxious minds and
boost moods for expecting and new caregivers.

MotherING can mean lots of things

I miss my old life. Will I ever get it back?
Why doesn't my partner understand?
Moon and clouds
I'm exhausted, but I can't fall asleep
Baby with heart
I don't feel connected with my baby like I thought I would
I miss my old life. Will I ever get it back?
Yellow cloud with rain
How am I going to get through this?
Heart with heartbeat graph
I said I was "okay", but I'm definitely not.
Am I a bad mom for thinking this?
Why does this feel easier for everyone else?
I'm lonely, but I don't feel like talking.
Boat under a large wave
I said I was "okay", but I'm definitely not.
Am I a bad mom for thinking this?

12 minutes a day to support
pregnancy & postpartum

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Personalized program

We customize your program based on your biggest challenges and your mental wellness goals.

Multi-lingual accessible audio

Audio, video, and journal based sessions so you can access however is convenient for you.

Digestible, on-demand content

With sessions ranging 2-12 minutes, we make fitting in self-care possible for busy parents.

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Built on extensive research with top experts

Our approach is rooted in findings from 50+ studies on the most effective perinatal mental health treatments.

"The Canopie app was this one small moment to look forward to every day. I could actually watch my mental state improve as I worked through the program. I can't tell you how much Canopie saved me."

lindsey M, new mama
of Canopie users had a significant improvement in mood

Mama tested, doctor approved

Canopie integrates therapeutic techniques proven to be effective for this unique time and makes them accessible to mamas everywhere at anytime.

Venn diagram showing Compassion Focused Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy overlapping with Canopie logo in the middleVenn diagram showing definitions for Compassion Focused Therapy (Bridge the gap between your brain and your body), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Notice and challenge thoughts that aren't helpful), and Interpersonal Therapy (Improve relationships, strengthen bonds and support with good communication) with Canopie logo in the middle



Everyone deserves care

“This is the app that is truly looking out for moms. I kept coming back to Canopie not only because it worked to calm me immediately, but the sessions were short and doable.”
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Sophie M.

New mom user


Provide access to care



Start feeling better today

Customized 12 x 12 Program

Curated so you can achieve your mood goals in 12 days, with only 12 minutes a day

Boat under a large wave

60+ Common Challenge Sessions

Built with sleep, feeding, infant care, relationship, identity, and career experts

stack of books

Unique Challenge Library

Mini courses for specific circumstances and events that make parenting that much harder

Parent-to-Parent Stories

Hear from our community of parents going through the same messy things as you so you feel less alone


Quick Mood Boosts

Express sessions for when you just need to pause and re-center


Reflection Exercises

Journal prompts that you can audio record or write to better process your experience

Mental Health Check-Ins

Track your mood to celebrate your progress and discover where to lean into more support

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Ongoing Support

We’re here to connect you with the best resources within our community and beyond