Evidence-based, family-friendly benefits

Many employers have digital health solutions, but prenatal and postpartum mental health conditions have different requirements. Canopie is here to fill the gap.

There is an ongoing stress and anxiety crisis among new mothers and caregivers

Anxiety and depression are the most common complications of pregnancy and childbirth, but not reflected in how we care for new mothers.

75 percent
of mothers leave the workforce after having a baby (4x the rate of men)
4.7 billion dollars
cost to employers of lost productivity from perinatal mood disorders
85 percent
estimated care and treatment gap for mothers who would benefit from help

What is Canopie?

Canopie is a low cost, digital platform that creates 12-day customized, evidence-based programs to prevent and address symptoms of anxiety and depression in expecting and new mothers.

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Built on extensive research

Our program is built on the foundations of over 50 randomized control trials demonstrating significant treatment effects.

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Engaging and human

We adapted researched techniques and programs to make them more approachable, engaging, and human.

Audio, video, and text-based

Programs are made up of soothing audio modules, read along text, and animated videos.

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Accessible for all

Pathways for caregivers who identify as expecting, mother, father, or parent, with all content at a 7th grade reading level.

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Available in many languages

All of Canopie's content is available in English and Spanish with more language support coming soon.

AAP STAR Center Resource

Approved as an American Academy of Pediatrics Star Center Resource in early 2022.

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