Increase access and address inequalities

Canopie can be provided to all new parents as a prevention and early intervention approach. This supports the hundreds of thousands of mothers with mild to moderate depression who currently wait months to receive treatment.


Anxiety and depression are the most common complications of pregnancy and childbirth but specialist perinatal mental health services can only currently support the most severe cases.

75 percent
new moms who say they struggle with their mental health when asked anonymously
1 in 5
cost of untreated perinatal mood disorders in the UK
85 percent
of women have access to no services and 38% wait over a month to be referred

What is Canopie?

Canopie is a low cost, digital platform that creates  personalised, evidence-based programs to prevent and address symptoms of anxiety and depression in expecting and new mothers. It can be given to every single new parent as a way to normalise struggles in this period and tackle barriers to care.

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Built on extensive

Canopie has been co-created with input from hundreds of new parents, dozens of health professionals and academics, and is based on over 50 RCTs.

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Engaging and

We adapted clinically validated therapeutic techniques and programs to make them more approachable, engaging, and human.

Audio and video
(with transcripts)

Programs are made up of soothing audio modules and animated videos, with read along text.

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Accessible to diverse audiences

Pathways for caregivers who identify as expecting, mother, father, or parent, with all content in plain English for reading age 11.

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Available in multiple languages

All of Canopie's content is available in English and Spanish with more languages coming soon.

Reviewed by

Canopie has been reviewed by ORCHA and received a score of 73% (over the quality benchmark of 65%).

The benefits of working together

Low-cost public health approach which can increase access and prevent escalation of problems

Immediate improvement in mental health for new mothers within two weeks

Reduces demand on midwives, health visitors and GPs who currently feel the pressure

Reduces downstream costs e.g. for adult mental health services, GP appointments and hospitals visits

Flexible pricing model to fit within any budget or scope

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Our research

Results from our initial randomized controlled trial indicates significant clinical improvement after only 2 weeks of engagement. 79.3% of participants with possible symptoms of depression had a clinically significant change in their mood

100% reported a positive change in emotional health
98% said they would refer a friend to the program
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"I got the same benefit in 2 minutes from Canopie that I’d get after 30 minutes with a meditation app."
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