Sophie's Canopie Story: Finding support with anxiety

Sophie M.

Sophie had struggled with anxiety even before getting pregnant, but pregnancy and postpartum brought on new depths to her worried thoughts. Four months after her baby was born, her daughter’s pediatrician recommended Canopie after noticing she needed help.  

Sophie had tried one-on-one talk therapy in the past but she never could find the right therapist for her—and getting consistent help was out of her budget. With even bigger limitations on her financial and time resources as a new mom—the Canopie app was an appealing alternative. She was juggling exclusively nursing with an unpredictable nap schedule, so she needed short sessions with built-in flexibility.  

“When I found out the program was 12 minutes for 12 days, I thought—I can do this. Little did I know I would use it beyond my initial program because I loved some of the exercises so much.”

Sophie folded it easily into her daily routine with her daughter, doing the sessions in the morning when her daughter was napping. As her daughter settled into more of a longer bedtime, she used the sessions as part of her evening wind-down.

“My favorite sessions were the visualizations for creating calm and quick boosts for helping me reset from negative thought patterns.”

Being new to her town, Sophie did not have the same village of support as other new moms. When she looked into virtual mom groups as an alternative, it felt overwhelming to try to commit to a set schedule and be fully present for an hour. But she found solace in the Canopie community and the shared stories of the parents on the app.

“Hearing from other new moms about their postpartum experiences really made me feel like I was not alone, that they shared similar hardships but also had other ones I didn’t have. It made me realize that we’re all going through something—that it’s okay to not always have everything together.”

Eager to make a change in her life for the benefit of her daughter—and herself—Sophie committed to investing in her mental well-being. “I’m so thankful for Canopie. It was exactly what I needed.”

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Sophie M.