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Healthy Addition by Florida Blue allows you to access a Registered Nurse M-F with any pregnancy questions or concerns.

In partnership with Canopie, we also provide on-demand and virtual lactation and mental health support designed for YOU at no cost!

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You'll have exclusive access to virtual clinical guidance and support, lactation classes through Aeroflow Breastpumps, and emotional wellbeing programs and classes - proven to improve your pregnancy and postpartum outcomes!

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Access a Registered Nurse and more through Healthy Addition

Access to a Florida Blue Registered Nurse

Get telephonic and email access from 8AM - 5:30 PM EST every day to a Florida Blue Registered Nurse focused on prenatal care for all your questions

Coaching on maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Receive customized guidance on how to have a healthy pregnancy and navigate specific high-risk conditions

Help obtaining a breast pump through Aeroflow

Ensure you're prepared for baby's arrival by securing breastfeeding supplies as soon as possible. See the bottom of  page for details!

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Educational materials

Get an individualized care plan developed just for you, as well as educational materials specific to your needs

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The Canopie wellbeing program and classes are free with your Florida Blue membership!

Canopie is a mental health resource for expecting and new parents. Downloading the app and signing up enrolls you in both Canopie and the Healthy Addition Prenatal Program.

Mental health support through pregnancy and beyond

Personalized education specific to your pregnancy stage

Lactation classes and live events through Aeroflow

Sessions in English and Spanish

Stories from other moms and caregivers about navigating challenges

In-app journaling to process thoughts and emotions and other interactive features

Mom tested, doctor approved

"The Canopie app was this one small moment to look forward to every day. The audio was perfect because I didn't have the focus for a workbook, and the real people made me feel like I wasn't alone. I could actually watch my mental state improve as I worked through the program. I can't tell you how much Canopie saved me."


New mama

"My patient loves Canopie. She was so happy when I told her she could go back and repeat the sessions as much as she wanted. To see a mom go from intensive struggle and tears to smiling and hopeful and starting to use tools - it honestly is similar to catching a baby. It warms my soul."


Nurse Midwife

"I loved starting my day with the Canopie app. It helped me set the tone of the day and gave me tools to keep myself in a calm, grounded state of mind. The techniques are quick to learn and easy to use during the day to help calm my nervous system."


Expecting mama

No matter where you are in your journey, Canopie can help.

Download the Canopie app to access emotional wellbeing classes and sessions proven to significantly boost mood, reduce anxiety, and help you manage stress.

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Completion of onboarding in the Canopie app enrolls you in Healthy Addition, granting you access to all of the free benefits above.